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What is the EmpowerED program?

A daytime program for youth who do not attend mainstream school/classrooms. This program aim's to build an environment where youth can enhance their academic abilities, set and achieve personal goals, and develop essential life skills necessary for their journey towards success. Through tailored educational approaches, mentorship, and community engagement, we empower youth to thrive academically and personally, equipping them with the tools they need to excel in their education and embrace their unique potential. Suitable for those that are homeschooled, have dropped out of school, are unable to attend in-person classes, are completing distance learning, are experiencing homelessness, or are looking for a safe space to be during the day. 

Registration and Information Link: 


If you'd like more information, to sign up or for one of us to reach out to you, fill out our registration form.

Contact Information: 


Youth Programs Manager: Taylor Hill

Phone: 403-425-6777

Cell: 403-715-0853 (call or text)


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